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Trailhead Communities: Building on the Legacy of Rykon


When the Rykon Group of Companies was formed in 1984, we set out to be the kind of development company that was driven by creativity—projects that start out as wild napkin drawings and middle-of-the-night ideas.

Call it old school, but we have been in this industry and an incredible range of projects not to turn a buck, but to drive unique projects we are passionate about, and that we will be proud of for decades.

Over the years, independently and with partners, we've had the opportunity to envision, design, develop, build and run everything from high rises and resorts to oat mills and hydro-electric plants. Through our various roles leading companies and construction projects, we earned a reputation as Pacific Northwest and BC developers with versatility and responsiveness, creative solutions and customer service.

Today, as Trailhead Communities, we continue our tradition of bringing legacy residential projects to life with excellence at every step. Trailhead—the start of a new adventure—so perfectly captures the unwavering spirit of our vision.

Rykon Group of Companies was formed in 1984